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Our Funds

The Foundation was established in 2001 and has set up a number of funds to which contributions may be made.
Eagle Fund

This is a general fund which would allow flexibiity in meeting the most pressing educational or facility needs of our children and community.



Science, Agriculture and Industrial Arts Fund

This fund will help ensure that we can provide tools necessary to our changing world, yet still retain our community roots in encouraging agricultural programs.


Southern Door Education 

The SDEC supports all aspects of education for the Southern Door School District.  It's purpose is to raise funds, make grants and engage in projects and programs for the benefit of the students at the Southern Door School District.  The Committee may provide funds beyond the normal operating budget of the school for student scholarships for higher learning, special course(s), and other student educational activities.

Auditorium and Performing Arts Fund

This fund focuses on the needs of our wonderful Auditorium.  A gift to this fund would help assure that the performing arts would thrive in our school and community for years to come.


Library and Technology Fund

This fund will help ensure quality learning experiences for our children and community alike.

Athletes and Athletic Facilities Fund

This fund will assist the overall athletic programs of the district.  It will ensure the quality of the programs and facilities in Southern Door County.

Also new to the foundation is the Bleacher Fund which was developed to directly support the sustainance of the school's bleachers.  

Southern Door Athletic Booster Club

The SD Athletic Booster Club's purpose is to take an active interest in all Southern Door school-sponsored athletic events and activities.  Their objective is to raise money to enhance those activities and needs not covered by the school district and to provide services and/or equipment to benefit and promote athletic participation.


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