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To give support to the Southern Door School District in maintaining and enhancing its facilities and programs.


The goal of the Foundation is to build its community and surrounding communities by providing financial support to the Southern Door School District to provide students with opportunities to be productive members of their community.

The Foundation has two grant cycles with grants being awared in October and February.  Cut off dates for the acceptance of grant applications is October 31st and March 1st. 


Applications may be submitted by any district resident or employee of Southern Door Schools.


An invoice shall be submitted to SDCF within one year of grant approval, or the grant shall expire.  Matching grants are to be paid up to the amount of funds raised, not to exceed out of pocket costs.


Thank you to the staff at Southern Door for continuing to write interesting and important grant requests. 


We continue to assist the Southern Door Athletic Booster Club by providing bookkeeping and regulatory assistance to make their all volunteer group more effective and efficient.


Also, we are looking forward to the initiative coming out the Door County Community Foundation called Alumni Door County.  This will help us to keep in contact with our alumni to better connect and share information with them, which will be better for our students, school and community.

Annual grants made for the 20 - 21 school year totaled over $10,300.00.  Grants were made for Elementary Literacy Program Books, 4-K Tools of the Mind Equipment, Elementary Behavior Classroom Cruisers, Special Education and Elementary Art Storage and assistance with the Wrestling Club mats.

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920 825 7373


1610 Orchard View Lane 

Brussels, WI  54204




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